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Prof. Dr. Özgür Biyan

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He was born in Bursa/Turkey. He completed to public finance department of Anadolu University in 2001, after his primary and secondary education. He finished tax law master programme in Institute of Social Sciences of Uludag University in 2004. In the same year he started to doctorate on fiscal law in Institute of Social Sciences of Marmara University. He assumed a title with put across, “Doctor of Fiscal Law” in July 2009.

In a short time he was attend an assistant of custom advisor, after with starting in accounting departments in private sector to his career.. Then he passed to audit sector. He worked as auditor and “tax law advisor” in a CPA company, five years. He served on a lot of transfer pricing studies and reporting in multinational and multiliteral companies.

He was attend as editor, columnist and member of editorial board in various internet web sites. He gave “tax law” lessons in short time at CPA courses. He is still member of editorial board in

On the other hand, he took position as an instructor in miscellaneous organization about “How execute to apartments and sites on taxation?”, for professional headmen and officers of apartments and sites.

He was assigned to public finance department of economics and administrative sciences faculty of Bandırma Onyedi Eylul University (former Balıkesir University) as “assistant professor doctor”. He has been working on tax law in this university since January 2010.

And also he went to American University in Washington D.C. for his academic studies as visitor scholar in 2011 June. He studied in Washinton College of Law, American University, as visitor scholar on international tax law.

He was assigned as chief editor in a international publishing house in Turkey Office, Rentrop&Straton, in November 2012 – April 2013 period. He coordinated to two internet site and six book projects at this position.

He received title “associate professor” on 28.03.2017 from Directorate of Inter-University Council of Turkey. He has been working as a professor at Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University since 08.09.2022.

He has a great number of articles on tax law and accountant in miscellaneous journals, magazines, periodicals and with four books, “Juristic and Fiscal Guide For Apartments and Sites” (8th edition), “Proof and Evidence in Turkish Tax Law”, “Force Majeure In Terms Of Fiscal Law” and also “Turkish Tax Law” (3rd edition) course book for undergraduate education and vocational high school. 

His expertise fields:

  • tax procedure
  • tax collection
  • tax rules
  • transfer pricing
  • tax lawsuit
  • tax controversy
  • tax system
  • international taxation


  • Turkish Tax System
  • Tax Law
  • International Tax Law
  • International Fiscal Relations
  • Local Governments
  • Public Finance
  • The Psychology of  Tax
  • Fiscal Sociology
  • Customs Legislation and Practices

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